Frequently Asked Question


Q. Can I trust in products' photo shown on website?

A. Absolutely yes! All of photos shown on website have been took from the real products in our shop for years. NOT copy from internet and paste on website! (For cross-check, it's easy for searching an origin of photo on internet, by right-click and choose "Search Google for image"). 100% money back if you can find any photos that now belong to us.


Q. How can I order flowers?
A. Take it easy. Firstly, please input Delivery Date/Time/Recipient phone number and messsage then add this item to cart. After that you can check out step by step.
Don't forget click confirm order at final step and check your email for Order Confirmation.
(In some apps, Delivery Date may not apprear correctly, you can type as format YYYY-MM-DD)

Q. How can the message send to recipient?
A. The message will be wrote/printed in a stylish greeting cards and presented with your gift. We will choose the best one based on the occasion (love, new born, birthday...). Greeting Cards are free for all orders. In case of Grand Opening/Funeral, the message may be printed on a big banner then hang on the basket/flower stand. It's free too!

Q. I cannot change the shipping address on Paypal account? How can I do?
A. Don't worry! Just remember input the right shipping address when check out at our website (not Paypal checkout page). We can base on this shipping address, not address in Paypal default pages. If you think you noted the wrong address, you can send the correct address to email to cross-check.

Q. How can Iknow if my order had been delivered?
A. Yes, we will send a notify email to you. In peak time (ie. Valentine/Women's Day/Christmas/Mother's Day...) the order status might be delayed when updating.

Q. Can I pay with my US creditcard?
A. Sure you can. Our payment gateway accepts Visa, MasterCard and JCB issued by any banks around the worlds: US, Australia, Japan, Singapore, France...

Q. I have problem when checkout, how can I re-pay?
A. Normally our accountant will send you an email with payment link if they find an unpaid order in system. You can click this secure link and pay for your order. In urgent case, please send your request to or SMS through iMessage/Zalo/WhatApps to +84903090568

Q. Payment gateway request my front card photo to verify the transaction. How can I do?
A. After checkout, the payment gateway suppliers might (just few orders, not all) contact to ask for more information to verify the transaction. Please accept their request so that they can approve for this transtion as soon as possible. Don't worry, it's step that protect the card holder! Quite safe!

Q. Can I know Ciaoflora delivery process?
A. Customer send orders to Ciaofora (via website/email/SMS) -> Ciaoflora will arrange flowers and deliver to recipient directly -> Send confirmation to customers. We have physical flower store and skilled florists.

Q. Can you deliver same-day?
A. Yes we can deliver within 3-4 hours in HCMC and same-day for most of cities in Vietnam. But please order before 16:00 for HCMC and 14:00 for orders to other provinces (GMT+7 - Hanoi time) 

Q. Any fees that the recipient asked to pay more when delivery? Any price tag shown on flowers?
A. No and never! Our gentleman will deliver flowers with smiles only. The price will not be shown in any slip.

Q. Can I specify a time for delivery?
If you require delivery for a specific time, please add this information when checkout (comment blank) of the order process. We will try our best but not guaranted 100%.

Q. Can I order via email?
A. It's better if you make order online at our website. However, you can order via email be sending all order in detais to We will confirm as soon as possible and give you instruction after.

Q. Can I send a cutomized bouquet that I found on internet, or can you design a boquet as my idea?
A. Absolutely, our skilled and artisan florists will help you for a special gift. Please send the sample to email some days before delivery date to make sure we have time to discuss and prepare.

Q. How can we trust in Ciaoflora?
A. is the unique English flower website verified and approved for online business by Vietnam E-Commerce and Information Technology Agency (Ministry of Industry and Trade). This is the reason why you can trust in our flower service: physical not virtual store! For your information, click here
We're only member of FTD/Interflora/Fleurop and all florists in those systems use our flowers for orders to Vietnam.

One more thing, you can check all photo of items shown on our website is took by Ciaoflora Team from real products, not copy/paste from internet as others.

If you have any queries please contact us using the contact details below:
By email:
By telephone: +84903090568 (iMessage/WhatApps/Zalo/Viber/Line)