Whether you send red roses for romance, yellow roses for friendship, or any other of our beautiful rose arrangements, roses are the perfect expression of love and affection. For centuries, lovers have exchanged roses as the classic symbol of beauty and everlasting love. Whether your love is the subject of a Shakespearean sonnet or embodies the yellow rose of Texas, you'll find a beautiful bouquet of roses that will make her heart sing out with joy.

Throughout history, no bud or blossom expresses love better or more beautifully than the rose. At first, a rose is just a simple red bud. Nothing fancy. Just a plain green stem and a few petals. But with time, the petals fold back to reveal the rose's true form. Roses are perfect for telling that special someone how you feel, and why stop at just one? At Ciaoflora, our huge selection of roses of every shade that will help you express your love.


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My endless love
Send your very best wishes in fine style with this exquisite hand-tied bouquet. The natural shades o...
My heart belongs to you
Arranged with roses, appeared in heart shape, this is a wonderful gift of love, express the mes...
My heart will go on
Roses and romance - a match made in heaven. Our endlessly elegant gift combines passionate red roses...
My Ocean
Blue is both the most popular favorite color among people all over the world and tends to represent ...
Not flowers but love
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Beautifully set off in a lovely bag this selection of roses, peruvian lilies and red hypericums fini...
Once upon a time
This is a truly spectacular combination of long stem red roses, elegant pink lilies and aster amellu...
Only You
As innocent as that Only You, this elegant single long-stemmed red rose presented in a stylish glass...
A sensational arrangement bursting with colour and vivacity. This arrangement using bird of paradise...
The name says it all! Passion sends your love in the shape of a sheaf of 20 luscious medium-stemm...
Sale Pastel Roses
$43.23 $39.99
Elegance and sophistication are entwined together in perfect harmony with these lovely roses and bab...
Perfect Harmony
From light pink roses to spray roses, carnarion and lisianthus, this flower arrangement is set to cr...
It's not colorful bouquet but pastel one that can win her heart, like this special gift. Exc...
Pincushion Protea
Pincushion Protea flower hidden message tells us to be courageous and to never step back in front of...
Are you inspired by the color pink? It’s soft, sweet, and wonderfully feminine; the perfect color ...
Pink Melody
Our elegant roses are a charming surprise for someone you care about deeply. Beautifully arranged...