How your flowers be delivered?

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One of the question that many customers have asked our Customer Service staff how we deliver flowers to recipients, how we care the quality of flowers in delivery trip.  We do understand your worry and this is our only respond: "Don't worry! You're using the best flower service in Vietnam absolutely". 

In fact, for traffic condition in urban, motocycle is the suitable vehicle. However, for all orders deliver to office or far way from the center, flowers will be delivered by Ciaoflora car or truck.

Here are some photos from our delivery guys...

1. Flowers in our store, already for delivery

2. Phalaenopsis will be protected by thin chiffon

3. Take it out of car when arrive

4. Remove the protect cover, adjust the shape, spray water and hang the greeting banner

5. Bring and display flowers in recipient's office

You can find over 100 flower websites to order flowers for your friends/relatives in Vietnam, but most of them don't have any florist as well as local stores while flower delivery is an especial service.

Flowers are not only gifts, but love! This website and its services are powered by Ciaoflora Việt Nam, the best service of flowers in Việt Nam, an official member of Interflora worldwide.

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