Hydrangea; grande dame among the cutflowers

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Hydrangea symbolizes grace, beauty and abundance. This because of the exuberant number of flowers and the generous dome form. The flower also symbolizes gratefulness and sincere. 

The stylish cut Hydrangea has long been discovered as part of a beautiful bouquet. It is often used in fabulous floral work. No wonder, since the use of Hydrangea always guarantees a splendid product. With its enormous flower head full of small colourful flowers every space is lit up. They also make a wonderful gift: your customers are certainly not arriving empty handed! Dare to experiment. This is an inspiring flower!

‘Fresh’ is considered to be the fresh colours, which include white, green, pink, blue en purple. They are readily available between March and the end of October.

Put the flowers in sufficient fresh cold water and always use cut flower food. For fresh hydrangea this extends vase life for over a week. With this vase life will be 2 to 3 weeks. 

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I feel safitsied after reading that one.

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